Steps to simplicity seeks to simplify the notions of health, nutrition, self sustainability and intentional living.

Someone has learned the hard way so that hopefully, you don’t have to.
I’m willing to put in the time and effort to provide you with a resource that could very well change the notions of what it means to own your health.

Imagine yourself at a dealership.
You are shopping for cars, and then….you see it.
She is a beauty.
You have finally spotted, the “one”.
Her paint sparkles in the sun, enticing, simply inviting you to test drive her.
Brand spanking new, she purrs down the road almost as if swimming with the current.
The smell of new car invades your senses.
You swing by your friends house while taking her for a spin, and he excitedly jumps into the passenger seat.
He reeks of booze and has had a couple of drinks.
Its no surprise he doesn’t want to remain as a mere passenger.
He slyly asks you to let him have a try at her.

What do you do?

Hand over the keys?
Do you let him have a taste at driving this baby or do you take
ownership over the responsibilities entrusted to you by having been given the keys to this slick ride. All it takes is one accident and there is no going back.

What makes you think your body is any different?
We are all the drivers of these beautifully made and awe inspiring pieces of machinery.
Do you simply hand the keys over to someone else because they have read a generic manual about how to service your machine?

We are all capable and competent enough to realize when something is wrong and when our machines need “servicing”.
But have you thought about changing your oil lately? Perhaps getting a tune up isn’t such a bad idea?
Prevention can be worth its weight in Gold, or even better, time- a currency for which there is no exchange rate.
Just ask anyone who waited only to find out how much more it cost to reverse the damage caused by negligence, misinformation or blatant misrepresentation.

“If only I had known!”

Well, now you have no excuse, why shouldn’t you know?
With the world at your keyboard, there is an opportunity to know NOW.

At Steps to Simplicity, education is the number one objective.
Empowerment is a hopeful byproduct of that process.
Knowledge without the ability to apply and assimilate what you know is a rather useless luxury.

We will do our best to filter the information and provide only relevant and researched topics which will add value to the various facets of life you seek to improve.

Whether it is tips for growing your own, best fermentation practises, promoting nutrient dense foods or exposing erroneous notions about health, this is your one stop shop for simple progress making, one step at a time.

Welcome aboard! Lets get started…..


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