how to repurpose a garden

Repurposing is the trendy thing to do these days. Pinterest has made it so. But lets just get real, repurposing is a fancy way of finding new uses for old things, because you can’t afford the new thing that would function in that way. It’s also an opportunity to be creative you poor old sap, […]

What can I do to cut back on spending?

I am so impatient. I try to pretend that I am, but I’m not, I’m just disciplined. Nothing can ever happen fast enough for me, and that is the real truth. I have a little reminder next to my desk outlining my student loans and each month I write the new balance and cross out […]

I can’t believe it’s not Shea or Cocoa butta!

So it has been almost a few years since I made my balm and I still have the oil I was using for my last batch which has been double infused with more skin friendly herbs. So the only ingredients I was missing was the shea butter and cocoa butter which I just received in […]

How do I make tallow soap? Just don’t make it, not worth it!

So you want to learn how not to make Tallow Soap. If that is not your objective, than I’m sorry for linking you here from my facebook page like any random unsuspecting victim, I mean, “visitor”. What makes me an expert on the subject?  Long story short, I decided to take the plunge. I had several […]

My front yard back to eden garden is ready for spring!

This is the progress of my front yard in the style of back to eden garden. You can see the transformation which spanned a few weeks of giving up my weekends to get this ready pre-winter so that the mulch would be sufficiently saturated with moisture to decompose adequately in order to plant in spring. […]

Rebuilding the compost heap

  I inherited a compost heap, which is great, but needed some serious updating. Unfortunately, I didn’t take before pics, but let me describe it for you.   A small 4×4 rebar with chicken wire enforced square surrounded on all sides by rotting straw bales where she threw her organic matter into, haphazardly and often still […]

Making creme fraiche is easy!

I ran across this interesting concept through an unlikely source; my co-worker. He told me that he had discovered a recipe to make your own creme fraiche. Now if you don’t have a background story on what this substance is, I will fill you in. Imagine walking into whole foods. (Lets not imagine the slew […]

My plans for a Back to Eden Garden

So I kind of had a bit of a breakdown last week. Lets just say it was information overload and I had to get out of my head and into the sunshine. That is always a good idea in case you were wondering. If anything, it solidified that I’m a veritable beast of a woman. The […]

An Alternative to Tampons! (Warning-guys, move along)

I recently got super annoyed with the whole tampon/pad dilemma. Every month it is the same story. I forget that at some point in the near future, against my will, I’m going to lose an inordinate amount of blood all the while, finding out how truly aggravating people are and eating an entire pint, correction, […]

How to put an end to greasy hair

I’m willing to bet that you didn’t think the way to cut greasy hair is to stop shampooing altogether. But.. But.. Quit your whining boy! Er.. I mean girl, because its not likely anyone reading this post is a guy. Yes, it CAN be done! How do I know? Because I’ve done it, I’m doing […]


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