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Various methods of growing food to increase output and minimize effort.

Rebuilding the compost heap

  I inherited a compost heap, which is great, but needed some serious updating. Unfortunately, I didn’t take before pics, but let me describe it for you.   A small 4×4 rebar with chicken wire enforced square surrounded on all sides by rotting straw bales where she threw her organic matter into, haphazardly and often still […]

My plans for a Back to Eden Garden

So I kind of had a bit of a breakdown last week. Lets just say it was information overload and I had to get out of my head and into the sunshine. That is always a good idea in case you were wondering. If anything, it solidified that I’m a veritable beast of a woman. The […]

Saving Tomato seeds

My post from 10/17/08 from They are fairly gooey, slimy little rascals, you ever thought about how anyone can get a grip on those slick suckers, let alone have the dexterity to plant them?   Well, it is because they don’t. What I mean, is that you don’t plant tomato seeds directly into the […]


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