Monica Lewandowski

Monica is a first generation and native of Colorado.
Her upbringing has developed in her, a stout work ethic and appreciation for the value of time, money and labor capitol.

Her own foray into self reliance, has taught her the necessity for persistence and patience. The simple act of planting a seed, caring for it and seeing it through to the end of its production cycle has volumes to teach.

Monica is all about spreading the seeds of her passion with all who are interested or curious about applying knowledge to improve their own quality of life.

Outside of working her 9-5 job, she thoroughly enjoys the outdoors, researching in her spare time and learning how to become self sustainable in an age of hyper dependence. She is very interested in fostering relationships within the community to help bring this vision of autonomy to others and developing a network of people willing to help each other in a way that is empowering.

Some topics of interest include but are not limited to, Nutrition, Traditional Foods, Fermentation, Gardening, Animal Husbandry, Bee Keeping, Self Sustainability, Epigenetics, Acupuncture, Natural Healing, making natural body products, Botanical Pharmacology, Wildcrafting, Hypnosis, Minimalist Running, Functional fitness and History.

Some of her favorite books include Nourishing Traditions, The Body Ecology Diet, Wild Fermentation, Teeming with Microbes, The Tracker, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, One Straw Revolution, The Slight Edge, You are a Brand, Instant Appeal and various others.


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