My rite of passage into adulthood

It has been some time since I posted. In fact I recently let the hosting account for my websites expire. This was done partly out of not having a steady income to rely upon and partially out of apathy since I haven’t really been very active online this year. I’ll explain further exactly why I […]

Harvest and Autumn

This has been a strange and a hard year for me. Some of life’s most challenging moments are comprised of the following big events. Grieving the death of a relationship (platonic or romantic), buying a house, moving, changing jobs, death, etc. I’ve experienced all of those in a years time with the exception of death. Throughout […]

The Harvest

This season has been full of up and downs, not unlike this roller-coaster of life. Just when I thought the whole thing was a total waste, we miraculously received the most plentiful application of rainwater that seemed to revive and restore the land to a time before concrete jungles and rush hour traffic. In fact […]

My thoughts on consumption

Recently I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to the way I have been living my life. When I was a small girl, there were things that we did differently as a family than what seemed to be the norm in America. We did not eat out, we did not buy new things, we were […]

Lowering my expectations

Most of what I do, is geared towards the long term. I’m not sure how this happens, perhaps it is what being a visionary is all about, but I can see things as they can be, not as they are and am able to fill in the blanks in the interim between now and manifesting […]

What are some challenges of the first year back to eden garden?

It’s extremely exciting to find out that the seeds you had planted over 2 months ago which hadn’t yet germinated, are in fact viable when they start poking their little leaves out of the soil. For  a minute there, I was starting to wonder about my skills as a gardener. Very few of my seeds germinated […]

Spring deep woodchip mulch garden planting is complete!

Spring is here and the deep mulch back to Eden Garden has officially been planted! I spent the beautiful weekend finishing up instead of playing, but it had to be done! Now that is not to say I am done. Lord knows that I am not even close to finished on the things that I […]

How to create a Back to Eden garden in a hurry

So being that I didn’t have nearly enough time for the woodchips to decompose, and that I wasn’t actually able to acquire the soil from the old garden, I decided that my original vision for this season simply needed a readjustment. So instead of waiting for the chips to decompose because it just takes too […]

how to repurpose a garden

Repurposing is the trendy thing to do these days. Pinterest has made it so. But lets just get real, repurposing is a fancy way of finding new uses for old things, because you can’t afford the new thing that would function in that way. It’s also an opportunity to be creative you poor old sap, […]


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